Ms. Resnick is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has practiced independently since 1997. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Rochester.

In addition to independent practice, Ms. Resnick has worked as a clinician in various agencies and settings with adults, children, and families.  This experience included family services, domestic violence, and residential treatment for adolescents.

Individual and Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy  
In a Peaceful and Private Setting

Monday through Friday
Day and Evening Hours
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National Association of Social Workers
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Janice Resnick
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Rochester, New York
(585) 467-6905

As a family systems therapist, Ms. Resnick understands human behavior and functioning within the context of an individual's past and current relationships.

Many individuals come to therapy because of difficulties they are experiencing in their relationships. They often blame themselves, others, or a combination of both as a way of understanding those relationship difficulties. This blame can keep them mired in feelings of anger, frustration, and hurt. A non-blaming way of thinking about oneself and others increases objectivity and has the potential to lower anxiety and increase satisfaction in relationships.

People have an innate tendency toward growth, and that growth process is either supported or hindered, depending upon one's past experiences and environment. Ms. Resnick's clinical work involves facilitating a process that assists her clients' efforts to draw upon their inner resources to effect personal growth and interpersonal change.

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